Driver Benefits

Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to learn a new skill? Are you looking for the opportunity to earn money and still have a life outside of work?

Driving a school bus is a rewarding opportunity to support our communities.  Local bus operators will fully train new drivers to make them confident and qualified for their new role.  Our modern, well-equipped fleet consists of mini-vans, small and big buses with automatic transmissions, cruise control, and push-button door operation.

If you can drive a passenger vehicle, we can train you to safely drive & operate a school-purpose vehicle or school bus! 

Some other benefits include:

Flexible hours

Driving a school bus comes with a flexible schedule, especially with part-time hours, allowing them to run errands, attend events at their own child’s school or even work another part-time job during the day. Almost all school bus drivers enjoy this flexibility.

Save on daycare, take your children to work with you

Many drivers take their own children on the bus with them while they are driving school routes, so they can work a part-time job without the expense of daycare.

Weekends, School Holidays, and Summers off

School bus driving is seasonal, which means you can take summers off to relax. In addition, every holiday the students are off from school, and drivers are also off from work. This opens the opportunity for people in the profession to jump into other careers or hobbies during off time, making school bus driving one of the least restrictive careers out there.

Save gas, keep your bus at home

Many of our local operators allow drivers to keep their bus at home eliminating the cost of commuting with your own vehicle to/from the bus yard each day.

Local Routes

Becoming a school bus driver allows you to become an integral part of the community you live in by interacting daily with neighbors, friends, schoolchildren, parents, and teachers.

No previous experience required; license & training provided

You don’t need to have any prior experience as a bus driver to land this position. What you do need is to be a dependable, safe driver with a good record, who knows the rules of the road. You’ll go through on-the-job training to receive your Class B license, which is really an investment in your future.

Highly Competitive Wages

With hourly rates starting at more than $19.25 per hour with potential additional incentive opportunities, driving a bus can help supplement your wallet with extra cash. Additionally, eligible school bus drivers have the opportunity to earn additional income through a Provincial school bus driver recruitment and retention bonus. (see details below).

Driver Retention Program

2023-24 program details currently under development.

Additional earning opportunities performing field trips and charters

There are additional earning opportunities as students travel to field trips such as sporting and learning activities.

Many of our Drivers are:

  • Stay-at-home parents and guardians
  • Retirees
  • Shift workers, seasonal workers, and part-time workers
  • Transit Drivers
  • People with flexible home-based businesses

Interested to learn more or get started? 

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